Stepping Out by Greg Powell, Founder of Being Hueman

Stepping Out

Stepping Out Won’t stop can’t stop rocking it hot until I drop, Navigating brain in wormhole train through cosmic slop, Living water lyrical hieroglyphics good to last drip, Viberanuim in cranium conjure ships for the trip, Rev up prophetic propulsion and let it rip, Sankofa rocket in pocket/ laser holster on hip, Channel Black planet power pulsing through rhymes, I […]

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Mama and Midnight in the War Greg Powell

Midnight in the War

Midnight in the War Midnight in the war. automatic shots pop funereal percussion. No blood flow, yet. Just crazed metallic chatter from mouths of babes. and tear drops from torn sky. Daddy P labors into night pouring sweat and time into black hole of credit trap, leaving Mama nervous, spirit suspended over crossfire of the deceived. she getting old and […]

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Of love and dust and love by Greg Powell

Of Love and Dust and Love Again

Of Love and Dust and Love Again Be careful to whom you give Your fragile heart. Be sure of the hands You place your jewel. They that heal can also Kill joy that sprouts Your smile. Hands Gone wrong can wreck you. Can whither and suck you Dry. Drain your life river To caked mud. Still your pulse And stagnate […]

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Weekend in the City by Greg Powell

Weekend in the City

Weekend in the City conversation sparks the night. tummies tremble with laughter. spicy gossip dishes, whispers of secrets and secret love codes. inside peeling walls of lenny’s brownstone. brooklyn din intrudes chatty love commune voices heated by vodka and distance closed between friends. car horns from Eastern Parkway curse dangerous tones. fire crackers pop and retort. our laughter sings new […]

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Orion's Constellation by Greg Powell

Meditation on a Diamond Sky

Meditation on a Diamond Sky My friend Orion climbs the sky We have communed since Baby eyes first opened Received ancient canopy Of rays more ancient than pyramids More ancient than earth and sun And many worlds and stars born and dead. I wonder and wander traveling space ways in woke dreams listening for dance and music of life on […]

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