Broken Legacy

Broken Legacy by Greg Powell remembering the song

Broken Legacy Dedicated to John Coltrane Do the bruised brass wailing exclamation scar of history/ suffocating in shadows of projects spread like southern crosses burning/ fall futilely on depressed ears of spiritually deaf/ Do harsh sharp horn shouting preachments sustain chanted sermons to empty pews/Do anyone still listen to John Coltrane laying dead buried in our Black blue souls/sax projected […]

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Give Love to Life

Give Love to Life, Love Lyrics, poetry written by Greg Powell for Being Hueman

Give Love to Life Give love to life. Let it linger In laughter and tears. Let our hands Labor to build joy outward From our bones. We’ll raise nations Of chosen people from peaceful womb. Sow seeds/ exhilarated sprouts of hope Swaying in every breath of God. Let love Compose our hearts song. Love is God’s breath Stretching our chests […]

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Lyric for My Sons

Poem by Greg Powell - Lyric for My Sons

Lyric for My Sons (I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one. 1 John 2:14) The poetry of your birth cries Revelatory connect of our eyes Caused Grandma Joetta to sigh From Blood River you rise Move my emotions to devotion Birth inspires […]

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Spiritual for Mama

Poem by Greg Powell - Spiritual - for Mama

Spiritual for Mama keep your hand on the plow keep your hand on the plow don’t you bend nor ever bow though sack-loads of troubles beat on your brow and busy devils connive to cut you down set your feet in Jah solid ground don’t you ever bend nor bow keep your hand on the plow  keep your feet […]

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