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Black Love in Inner Space

Black Love in Inner Space for Deborah Powell

Black Love in Inner Space

For My Forever

I don’t take it for granted
These moments earth
Rotations minutes moments
Years and sunrises like now
In dim light of cold morning
The rise of your sleeping breast
Comfort me with blessings
Of a new day a new sun
Rise and anticipation of open
Eyes greeting mine: good morning
Baby, thankful for more of this
Good life pressing through changes
Trying not to think of endings praying
For more beginnings praying and praising
One Love for our love, as my breathing
Joins yours in a morning kiss. You are
Beautiful is the conversation between
Eyes and heart. The soft morning
Collision of moment and memories
Our lives like vines still growing and grasping
To transcend time’s cold fence and drop
Fruit from our love. So much life
To celebrate quietly in this moment,
While you sleep, and stir under my gaze,
Bless me with assurance of another day,
Earth rotation, minutes moments sleepy
Smile anticipation of eyes opening,
Your eyes opening into my own
Sunrise only God and I can feel

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