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Give It A Try

One Love suggestion by Greg Powell

Just give it a try
Won’t you give it a try

World closing in with constrictions
Seem like no better days ahead
Make you give up your convictions
And bury your soul for dead

But I got a better suggestion
For a world pressed down in depression
One Love the way to progression
Open our hearts to Jah soul impression

Won’t you give it a try

Don’t give up against the wicked
Righteous Love will make a way
Don’t give in to hate implicit
Meditate on One Love and pray

I know sometimes the times seem hopeless
Politicians scheme the people with lies
But I hear old soul voices
Say be wise my people live wise

Won’t you give it a try

A new Hueman arising from the ashes
As Babylon crushed to the earth
Don’t waste time worshipping the dying
I give my life to seed new birth

May these lyrics forever bless you
With One Love vibes to inspire
And though battle makes you weary
Jah power your soul never to tire

Just give it a try
Won’t you give it a try

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