Nation Falls Under Own Weight

Nation Falls Under Own Weight

Nation Falls Under Own Weight

Keeping my peace in civil war
Nation quakes/ the heathen roar
Gun locked for devils at my door
Streets bound to soak blood and gore
Shits mad enough to shake my core
But my soul got wings I got to soar
Head to sun is how I restore
Then back to war on killing floor

I don’t die I multiply
Heart to earth / head to sky
One Love commands/ I comply
Shine much love to I and I

I resist the nihilist
Long gun owning petulant
Hate wounded recalcitrant
Reduced to primate element
Americas toxic sediment
I want to see the Hueman in them
Hard to see in souls so grim
Maybe Love like cinnamon
Can redeem the sinner man

Or maybe not too great the rot
Thoughts and plots to shoot the shots
A nation’s body dropped
In blood pooled lots owned by haves
To redline the have nots

And turn their rage into terror blaze
Whole damn nation in Tulsa grave
Like Waco wackos self immolate
Riot fires like blades castrate
Bullet riddled Lincoln lies in state

Nation falls under own weight

I’m a witness with lyrics to go
Got light to shine and seed to sow
Beats to coalesce a common flow
Got motor to press/ my people in tow
Got lessons learned too pure to burn
When my run is done/ ashes to urn
Got folk to lift/ cash to earn
Gonna be a Black President/ serve my term
r rather earth resident hugging trees

Born again in sky and breeze
Seeing evidence of things unseen
In college of life I’m a mutherfucking dean
I’m about to jump off/ leap to the moon
Get pocket full stars to light the gloom

Our spirit garden got to bloom
Or be content with the tomb