Being Hueman

Acknowledging the value of all God's Creation, the beauty
of diversity, and the possibilities of embracing love,
compassion and justice as a way of
life and community. This is being hueman.

Poetry & Writing by Greg Powell

The Ancestral Witness is a poem by Greg Powell
The Ancestral Witness

Chains broken
By death and being
Born again: I hear them,
Momma and Daddy, Big
Ma V and them, all
Way back to cotton fields,
And charred bloody trees,
They speak in psalms...
Lyrical rituals from on high,
Prophetic whispers in ill winds,
Saying these ain’t the last days.

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Broken Legacy

Do the bruised brass wailing
exclamation scar of history/
suffocating in shadows of projects
spread like southern crosses
burning/ fall futilely
on depressed ears
of spiritually deaf/ Do
harsh sharp horn shouting preachments

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