Being Hueman

Acknowledging the value of all God's Creation, the beauty
of diversity, and the possibilities of embracing love,
compassion and justice as a way of
life and community. This is being hueman.

Poetry & Writing by Greg Powell

Tales of the Funky Drummer by Greg Powell
Tales of the Funky Drummer

I’m not a master drummer
I drum to the Master
The master crafter
push us through the disaster
The beat gets up
the asses of slackers
Rappers pastors and
gang banger blasters
Beat the drum because
the times is drastic
My lyrics sparkle
spastic lean and elastic

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Jah Meets Jericho

The walls gonna come
tumbling down
The walls gonna come
tumbling down

The people are moving
Devil men are losing
Spirits start to bubble
As we climb the rubble

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The Night Clouds Ate the Moon by Greg Powell
The Night Clouds Ate the Moon

Strange May night chill breeze
gray black clouds rush in black
above And beyond.
Faster than ever before.
The earth warming chill night, sky
Boiling froth of clouds drawn to
Messenger moon speaking sun
codes to moaning earth.
Is it labor or death?
Labor or death... or both birthing
Children of dust and storm
Dust and storm. I stand here a child
Of dust and storm in memories and
Yet to come, soon.

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Are You Ready to Rumble? by Greg Powell
Are You Ready to Rumble?

I don’t think Democrats can box.
They follow the Queensbury rules,
have good conventional form and
style. But when the boxing
intensifies into a fight,
and things get down and
dirty, the focus is trained more
towards appealing to norms
of boxing than punching
their way off the ropes. Like
“Iron Mike” said: "Everybody has
a plan until they get punched
in the mouth."

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Broken Legacy

Do the bruised brass wailing
exclamation scar of history/
suffocating in shadows of projects
spread like southern crosses
burning/ fall futilely
on depressed ears
of spiritually deaf/ Do
harsh sharp horn shouting preachments
sustain chanted sermons to
empty pews/Do anyone
to John

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