Being Hueman

Acknowledging the value of all God's Creation, the beauty
of diversity, and the possibilities of embracing love,
compassion and justice as a way of
life and community. This is being hueman.

Poetry & Writing by Greg Powell

Neowise Comet Crosses Bridge by Greg Powell

Neowise Comet Crosses Bridge

(painting by Catherine A. Moore)

We chased the comet,
Descending like a teardrop
It’s journey slashing polluted
Onyx sky. And then the news
John Lewis gone now
John Lewis gone now. His
Trail blaze righteously cutting
Redemption way, dim, descending
To rest with heroes under
The earth, where they nurture
Us in the night. The comet speaks

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Names of Those murdered by police before justice for George Floyd

The Revolution That Must Come

Like the unfinished Civil War,
this is bigger in scale than crimes
against Black people.
Deeply woven into the living fabric
of our nation are crimes against humanity.
A renovated pancake box is nothing.
We must renovate the nation.

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Prelude to a Revolutionary Kiss

Closing the distance bridging humanity
Break through vanity that seeds insanity
I bring the inner me blessed of the trinity
Word beat love sparks creativity
Closing the distance to root soul civility
Trying to be hueman and
evolve the new man

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Broken Legacy

Do the bruised brass wailing
exclamation scar of history/
suffocating in shadows of projects
spread like southern crosses
burning/ fall futilely
on depressed ears
of spiritually deaf/ Do
harsh sharp horn shouting preachments

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