Song of a Free Soul

Song of a Free Soul written in 2002 by Greg Powell

Song of a Free Soul

(For Joetta Powell & all cancer overcomers)

I live! I am alive! I am life! Yes!

I journey through days and precious moments,
I keep on climbing higher and higher
My pain cannot diminish my promise. I live,
And am blessed, so in my journey, I rise to bless.
Tears flow, then cease to trouble me.
My clear eyes see glory shining on me.
Glory growing in me, glowing through me.

I live! Yes! I am alive! I am life!

I can live faithful and in prayer for Spirit of healing to embrace my soul.
No hospital technology can diminish me.
No death prognosis can terminate my hope.
No social stigma of the fearful can crush me.
When you see me laughing in the joy of the precious moment,
Inhale my persevering spirit and be inspired.

For I live! I am alive! I am life! Yes!

My living soul transcends the depths of my suffering.
I transcend the traits of my flesh,
Which, though frail, is filled with faith ad joyful fire.
I rise like a wounded sun, shining life and giving rays in dark places.

Feel my warmth and grow,
Listen to my heart beat my survival song and dance.

Celebrate with me flowers opening, snow falling, thunder rolling.
Full moon glowing, children deliriously giggling,
Full blooming trees swaying in breeze. The earth moving
Or simply the joy of eyes opening from sleep, a sip of water,
A taste of food and the victory of walking.

I overcome fear through deep well of faith.
My strength comes from a place greater than me.

Death has no victory over me.
I am free to live! I am alive! I am life! Yes! I am!

(Written in 2002)

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