Psalm of Uplift

Greg Powell's Psalm of Uplift a poem dedicated to women

Psalm of Uplift

Lift handbag of regretful weight
From sturdy shoulders Beloved,
Shuddering in dance of tears
Beneath strength profile. You got
Enough weight to negotiate,
Enough faith in your feet to press
Against headwinds and jagged road,
Migration through daily wilderness

To your dreams. Ease into now
Where peace and power reside.
Within you is the fruit bearing seed
Of your regrets. And you choose
The fruit. Regrets, the pain of past
Foibles and fallenness, the failures
That haunt and halt forward motion,
Won’t halt you, God redeemed Queen.

You possess the handbag in your heart,
of bottomless resilience and love, that
raised and healed me and generations and
nation; must heal this deformed nation
With concoctions and magic heaven spells
And soul medications from love’s
Bottomless depths, drawn from that bag
That wiped snot from our baby nose
And stored your broken dreams

Now heavy, straps boring scars
Into rich skin. Baby I implore,
Liberate handbag well of love
From useless soul bruising weight
So, you can sashay down destiny avenues
In the fineness of your stride
In the victory and victories to come
And already won, in your strain
And striving. So, stride in sky
In joy steps of fineness divine.

Be loosed, woman, into scarified beauty
Of the becoming you. Lift the weight
And sow those seed to bear fruit
Of more power than you know, within
You where God dances and loves. God
forgives and gives. Now go
And do likewise.

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