Prelude to a Revolutionary Kiss

Greg Powell hosts the Culture Cafe and reads a poem

(Read for the Culture Cafe of New Faith Baptist Church, Int'l)

Closing the distance bridging humanity
Break through vanity that seeds insanity
I bring the inner me blessed of the trinity
Word beat love sparks creativity
Closing the distance to root soul civility
Trying to be hueman and evolve the new man
Lyricist of common sense the essence no pretense
Love under siege so we bust out the offense
Truth is simple no need to make it dense
Victory is ours don’t drown in suspense
So let’s get together and be alright
United in love lens/ uplift our sight
Closing the distance we all be skin tight
Salvage our babies from violent blight
I poet on mission of word beat and love
Called to this duty Jah love from above
Commission fits me like life loving glove
I’m yearning discerning burning Black of

(... continued below)

Passion churning to upturn the madness
The despair behind fake smiles the sadness
Distance of chains and death schemes the badness
I live Jah love peace dreams the gladness
Word beat and love is why I stay at this
Voice crying simple truth like John the Baptist
Sweet truth in trunk of tree so tap this
From soul to pen to you I’m called to rap this
Been doing this for decades blessed with Jah skills
Been grinding it since I was young as Emmett Till
Was hard at beginning and I’m harder still
I don’t shoot to kill I flow to heal
Rock the knowledge that God is real
In presence of enemies I eat my fill
40 years battle at this still got the vigor
Love fire locked and ready to pull trigger
Organics are ecstatic more than you can figure
Press to the heart with unrelenting rigor
Keeps it locked on plus side to beautify my mind
Word beat and love zone to leave the hell behind

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