Viral Saboteur

Viral Saboteur a poem by Greg Powell

Can’t go in parlor they bring pizza to the car
Can’t go to the gym can’t drink at the bar
cancelled Sun Ra show and the health seminar
The new prophylactic is the screen webinar
We all the victims of the viral saboteur

No space for hater racists
And lost folk in hater stasis
Now we in pandemic scenario
Death be calling so love got to grow
No panic no manic go slow go slow
Jah breath of life we gotta blow
Spread ease over the desease
Peace increase/ corruption cease
Hate shackled souls release
Compassion make the pain decrease
We the answer to where is God
Put that in your mind pod

To be stalked by unseen fiend
While those with ways and means
Get all the help it seems
It’s enough to scar my dreams
The powerful/ they thieving
More wickedness conceiving
But I’m grateful to be breathing
Girding my soul/ believing
Hueman habitat redeeming
Parasites greedy schemes
The Injustice is obscene
But on Jah rock I lean
Arm locked with my Queen
Seeding hope and Love Supreme