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Communion on Broken Rocks

Poem-Communion on Broken Rocks by Greg Powell
Communion on Broken Rocks

depression had me
bound. I didn’t know
what to do/ yearned
for nothing. walked
the lakefront, edge
of jagged rocks and
risen waters enraged
by winds manifest
from cloudless sky.
contemplating swim
to the other side
or to nothing at all.
in my head, a scream
to God carried away
by winds and waves
before reaching His ears.
will chilled sun splashed
waters amplify my scream,
I wondered as I wandered
in the night of day. or
drown in lungs as futile
as my prayers. I walk the
rocky mini-crags made
by men breaking things.
i was a broken thing
stepping over wet gaps
praying to slip into darkness.
further down the ragged rocks
a woman stood at edge
purse floating, sinking
in white peeved waters
cards tossed with refuse
by conspiracy of wind and waves
against brightness of sun
as I approached, perhaps
to swim together, our eyes
collapsed into each other
and tears became wind
swept waves. we shared screams
inside our heads. communion
on broken rocks. we embraced,
binding against dying. I
began to tell her about jesus.
to tell me about jesus,