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Journey to the End of Our World

Deborah Powell, his wife, is the inspiration for Journey to the End of Our World
Journey to the End of Our World

opaque clouds rush over expanse
of heated sky above raised face
giving thanks for you, my love, our
love like sun shining by faith and
not by sight. we hurdle together
toward end of the world our love
revealing beauty and peace be still
under boiling sky. The end is nigh,
ground whispers to me from
deep beneath concrete under feet.
whisper echo cries of dying species
never to be seen again. but I see you
and hold on to the air, and to you,
my love, thankful for our journey
to the end of the world. arms
embracing you lift me to sun
buried in sky. shining bright in you,
in us, in love imbued in walk
of days/ love dancers we be,
spinning with spinning world, weaving
memories and moments and even mundane
blessings of your every smile,
as we circle the sun once again.
another year, another ring in trunk
of our tree, planted by rivers of Jah,
bearing fruit more resilient
than perishing earth and sky. for
even as we go the way of dinosaurs,
whose bones bear witness to journey
to the sky, so our love evolves,
every journey around sun, grows
wings, takes flight, and fills
future sky.


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