Love Notes for Twenty Two Years

Greg Powell Love Notes for Deborah on their 22nd Anniversary

(For Deborah Ann Powell on our 22nd Marriage Anniversary)

blessed groove of days
as good as music melodies
rhythms riffing relentlessly
in pressing drive of will
to live and love working
it out baby gots to keep
working it out. fussing
cacophony and savored
pillow talk and inspirations
flavors the flow
of you and I, 22 years
into the groove made music
by love notes. love
and music is good.
smiles curl deeper and
deeply earned, ever present
beneath surface of lips,
touching like lips to muted
trumpet love note solos misty
as sweat on night skin sweating stars
lips exploring star lit skin
softly blowing tender solos
dancing in space and time
and blood and bone and soul;
lips pressing through air and earth
and stress and loss and hope;
so many blessings,
joy that aches and quakes
when time comes to let go,
keeping time and tempo to
press the groove forward
always. the big beat driving
us to grow in the flow
of Jah guidance and striving
pressing for mark of calling,
bearing fruit, even beyond
our men sprouts
nurtured to men.
laboring journey of purpose,
key of Jah composition
our groove an organism
we embrace and be as we
embrace ourselves
locked in like drum and bass
and labor and forgiveness and
grace and space to be and grow
and blow love notes,
love notes,
I love you so much
with fire and something
deeper than passion
can apprehend;
music that consumes soul
in nebula womb birthing stars
in midnight skin to kiss,
and birthed once again
are love notes,
love notes:
22 years into the groove
the music never stops
until the last crescendo
and diminuendo in blue,
and even then someway
in stardust from which
I first sang birth cries
baby I’ll play
the blues for you:
love notes
love notes