Mother’s Glory

Mother's Glory, a poem by Greg Powell to his favorite mother

Love so profound it’s umbilical
Cord of life, of beauty so lyrical
Transcending pain and death mystical
Moments and memories sweetly whimsical
Shared heartbeat drumming musical
Tears that drip joys not tragical
Eyes glisten with peace spell magical

Got mother in spirit and mother by my side
Couldn’t imagine the trip when she was my bride
She became mother before my mother died
Life creation consolation when souls cried
Witnessed life burst forth/ thighs open wide
Her womb a garden of seeded Black pride
Didn’t see it coming but God blessed us twice
Two bold boys/ though girl would’ve been nice
They brought new level of God to my life
New level of love for Queen through strife
And far more blessings/ we climb heights
Joined life thread sailing skies like kites
Hearts striving together fires be bright
Loving pure in humid nights

Now sons almost men/ mother’s glory
We press through mundane/ never boring
Because we too busy soaring
Our wings/ your wind/ One Love restoring
Mother beautiful beyond death
Getting old but we yet to crest
One Love together face the tests
Transcendently blessed,
One Love,
Forever blessed.

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