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Neowise Comet Crosses Bridge

Honoring the Memory of John Lewis - Neowise Comet Crosses Bridge

Neowise Comet Crosses Bridge

(painting by Catherine A. Moore)

We chased the comet,
Descending like a teardrop
It’s journey slashing polluted
Onyx sky. And then the news
John Lewis gone now
John Lewis gone now. His
Trail blaze righteously cutting
Redemption way, dim, descending
To rest with heroes under
The earth, where they nurture
Us in the night. The comet speaks
And i see constellations
Of the bridge strewn
With broken bodies over
Blood speckled River I see
Swollen lips hurling screams
Tangled with music of the cosmos
And drum beat of days gone I see
Charred bus belching black smoke
Black clouds black sky black night
And we ain’t never alone. Light prevails
Trailing them as they go, and are gone
But never dead, never dimming, never
Silent as stars in our bodies and the sky
Speak in their voices / ain’t gonna let
Nobody turn us around. And with
Raised fists and unbroken fortitude
Our marching feet, chasing the comet, say Amen

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