New Year’s Psalm of Hope

New Year's Psalm of Hope- Poetry by Greg Powell

another journey of green
and deep blue Mother
around sun. everything
is a journey. through black
spaces black matter black veins
of universe womb. and tomb.
and womb again. I pray
she forgives our sins
and refuses to die to us.
but does forgiveness come
without repentance. i hate
my suv drinking dinosaur
residue/ shitting death
to the air we breathe,
but I couldn’t afford
electric 11 years ago and
I wonder at fucked
upness of planet pimps
pimping good souls to pay
premiums to save planet, or
more to heart of matter
save us from Mama’s wrath.
her journey, she tells me
when ear touches her soil
doesn’t need us to continue.
life and God and soil and air
goes on as we embrace death
and dead things. so in this next
circle dance around sun, I choose
to dance in circles of praise
and to bloom even in polluted
raging winds and flood waters,
and politics and death pornography:
dance the dance until I die the dance:
of life and love…
life and love.

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