Stepping Out

Stepping Out by Greg Powell, Founder of Being Hueman

Stepping Out

Won’t stop can’t stop rocking it hot until I drop,
Navigating brain in wormhole train through cosmic slop,
Living water lyrical hieroglyphics good to last drip,
Viberanuim in cranium conjure ships for the trip,
Rev up prophetic propulsion and let it rip,
Sankofa rocket in pocket/ laser holster on hip,
Channel Black planet power pulsing through rhymes,
I transcend dimensions/ dance in trance through time,
Back and forth in waves like ocean blown storm,

Was called to this journey from before I was born,
Calling global Huemans to soul emancipation,
Hueman the new woman and man in love gestation,
Don’t hinder don’t splinter take over where we enter,
raise new-soul pyramids to shine us at the center,
beyond concrete jungles and stripped malls,
that afflict us where we cluster,
strange fruit, clipped balls, demonic slaver bluster,
center of Jah universe/ orbit around the One,
when we gets to vibing the evil get undone,
sonic power launched ancient obelisks to space,
caravans of gold moved in light speed grace,
primates race to space/ we step to stars,
primates poison place with gas in they cars,
we trip the mind fantastic to renew the plastic,
reconstruct toxic molecules to organic aspects,
replenish earth with futuristic projects,
replenish Huemanity with love to rejects,
pour out soup of truth for youth to ingest,
sound elixir mixer gives power to protest
rebuild world in six days/ the seventh we rest.

I’m a Patmos preacher unwrapping what’s to come,
I bend time and space when I speak through the drum,
Given by a space brother disguised as a bum,
Saw right through it with discernment of his aura,
His penetrating gaze and otherworld bravura,
Back in the day of the Harlem street venders,
The sellers the hustlers the beautiful sinners,
I kept on stepping but drum called me back,
I kept on stepping but drum called me back
I kept on stepping but drum called me back
Brother looked through me like he knew what I lacked,
Garb shifted to Dashiki/ he put drum in my hand
Said, sun child, pay me and pursue Jah plan,
Instigate exodus to planet called Earth,
Like Paul said, creation groaning labor rebirth,
Because I know what life is worth,

I stand in gap between back and forth,
Bridge chasm between prologue and epilogue,
Engage the rage with Hueman dialogue,
Word beat love to press back the demagogue,
Peace beams to cut through the war fog,
I’m on a mission coming to fruition,
Jah spark of love ignition,
Traveling space ways over hater friction,
Pounding down detractors with elegant diction,
Huemans who have ears, let them hear
I’m the pope of hope set you free from fear
Calling planet Earth, I’m here to steer,
Back and forth to path; got futuristic gear,
I drop into darkness and open you to dawn,
Catalyze the wise into love phenomenon,
Speak the beat to keep us moving on
Then like cosmic afro ninja mystic I be gone.