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Survivors Lives Poem by Greg Powell


Young survivors of bullets blood and screams
And parents of tender psyches ripped at the seams,
Elected puppets placate with diversionary chatter
But show Black lives ain’t the only ones don’t matter,
You cry you plead you shout you bleed
They give thoughts and prayers and nothing you need
You rally and carry placards in deep duress;
They speak platitudes and BS but no progress,
Elected public servants serve private gods of money,
Strategize to distract our minds with lies dipped in honey,
Populist fear promoters who pimp the people,
Don compassion masks concealing radical acts of evil,
Serve master race plans of gangster gun pushers,
While in traumatized minds young blood gushes;
Oh what you gonna do when the wicked shut you down,
Bury dreams of change with your buddies underground?
Oh beautiful generations haven’t you heard?
The monotone drone of dreams deferred,
Will you erode and your hopes implode?
Stand against wicked intentions or will you fold?
Hold to the long road with eyes on the prize?
Seek Jah love and despise their lies?

Locust plague of bullets devour sprouts of skulls,
Raining from hate angel perched in Vegas sky above,
Bodies dancing spastic to gunshots at the Pulse
Bodies dropping dripping melting ground into mulch
20 broken baby bodies in school at Sandy Hook,
They say assault rifles innocent of all lives took,
So are you a serial episode or a tipping point?
Is you is or is you aint/ will you will or will you won’t,
Give your lives and righteous vibes to change from the root
Withstand media assault and repressive lead boots,
Mobilize the wise to transform the corruption,
Raise devoted voices and vote for love disruption?
Don’t get distracted by drastic propaganda,
Seek love, live it, demand it, understand it
Your government lacks democratic balance,
The president sips the autocratic chalice,
His heart wrapped up in golden tower palace,
While Gun barons promote automatic malice,
Centuries’ spread of rot is not going to stop
Until rainbow populations plot to take the top
Cleanse white man conceits and take the land
Imbue Hueman love and make our united stand
Making it right aint going to happen overnight
12 hours darkness before we make it to light
It’s harder to build than to burn shit down
To deflate the racist hate from town to town
To resurrect a nation with love supreme
So Jah justice can flow like mighty stream
By faith I believe we can redeem the screams
The rulers not as strong as they seem
You are the light so flash your beam
Live the mission/ pursue the dream
The victory we deny to death
Speak life and love to our last breath
Then depart for heaven and pass the baton
For your children to carry on beyond
The nations chronic insanity of vanity
Pressing for reality of new Huemanity,
The soulless ghosts may reign today
But strategize the fight, agitate, pray,
Unfurl the flame, ignite your sorrows
Battle at it today; you rule tomorrows

Unfurl the flame, ignite your sorrows
Battle at it today; you rule tomorrows