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The Descent

Greg Powell pens The Descent a poem of love
The Descent

sometime in the time
outside time, Jah Love
dipped they hand
in black matter, the
Creator Artist’s raw
creation soul soup
and stirred in nebula
placenta for life genesis.
found a righteous man
and woman in a place
far from America / Earle
Arkansas, sharecroppers’
domain. poured into mind
heart soul womb penis
in cotton field encounters
of black matter and hueman
flesh and birthing star light
lightless lost nation
to make a poet
of black matter star
fire and love. Jah Love
universe drew them together
through three dimensional
mathematics, on a chicago El
train where they recognized
each other’s glow/ celestial
spirits wrapped in hueman
flesh trapped in death systems
where only their love could thrive,
and remain together beyond
life in love in space in star clouds.
they birthed extraterrestrial poet
and free sojourner sister
to save Huemanity from America
and it’s prison of lies
by becoming hueman.
the poets life a journey
of origin and future celestial
algorithms of wounded earth’s fate
listening to the cosmos
under countless stars
for his name, his call
searching black matter with feet
on earth searching
searching star clouds
through Orion’s unfolding soul.
eyes closed into sight
pressing through American shackles
more profound even than slavery
to become Hueman