Love Note to First Lady

Love Note to First Lady by Gregory Powell

Dear Melania, It’s nice to see you smile. I’ve never seen you smile before. I’m sure spending an evening with that suave brilliant brother is a vacation for you. A high end all inclusive vacation for the faux billionaire huckster wanna-be dictator’s girl toy. Too bad the occasion was the funeral of Barbara Bush. All the pundits say the former […]

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Graces in Small Places

Graces in Small Places by Greg Powell

Graces in Small Places (A Song of Praise) Jah Love is intimate More than we appreciate Beyond what we orchestrate What we need to liberate Higher inward elevations Fruit bearing meditations Jah soul ministrations Day by day salvations Jah give graces in small places Shared love across all faces Wisdom dropped from ageless ages: The Ancient of Days. The breath […]

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