Love Note to First Lady

Love Note to First Lady by Gregory Powell

Dear Melania,

It’s nice to see you smile. I’ve never seen you smile before. I’m sure spending an evening with that suave brilliant brother is a vacation for you. A high end all inclusive vacation for the faux billionaire huckster wanna-be dictator’s girl toy.

Too bad the occasion was the funeral of Barbara Bush. All the pundits say the former First Lady was an extraordinary woman. I don’t doubt that. But I’m ambivalent.

Melania, I have no idea who or what you are. I mean literally, I am that far removed from your reality or unreality. Have you spoken to Oprah? If not I recommend you do. She will heal you with self-empowerment. Also hit up Hillary: grace under pressure, strength through adversity, life after spousal humiliation…all that.

I don’t even know if you are real. You remind me of Facebook friend request profiles from women with eastern European names who want me and every other male to know they are sexy and looking for lovers. Maybe you are one of them. Is this how you met him?

Maybe you’re just another Hueman being slogging through shit-storms life can throw your way. 45…the Golden Shit-Storm Idol…Moses would’ve been pissed!

Or maybe you’re an alien agent from a distant planet seeking to blend in with earth populations as luxuriously as possible, reconnoitering for the coming invasion. Build the wall!!! Should the world be as afraid of you as of your master…um…husband?

Either way, I’m glad you had a well-deserved good time with an actual human President.

I’m sure you were appropriately grieving the death of the former First Lady. I presume until recently you had no notion of her existence. You pulled it off. Go Girl!

You probably didn’t get out the gold tower much before Putin stole 45 the election. Perhaps someday you too shall be free at last.

God bless and maintain you through the national ordeal. Ultimately, suffering bridges the distances between us all.

Respectfully Yours;
Greg Powell; A Hueman Being