Dear LeBron, A Son

Greg Powell for Being Hueman writes Dear LeBron, A Son

Dear LeBron, A Son,

I take this prerogative as an elder. I see you as a son. I see every young black man as a son.

I cannot imagine your life, nor should I. I only celebrate your utter excellence. You stand on shoulders, consciously. You do more mind work even than your immense body work. You are Oscar. Russell, Kareem. You are Aaron, Bob Gibson, Sugar Ray Robinson. You are what I imagined the Ghost was or wished he was. You are Ball’s Obama.

I know folk are predisposed to hate on you when you operate in authority over you. We are seeing this more often in Hueman women and men in your strata. Somehow, it appears in the eyes of many, that African American athletes of accomplishment are still required to laugh when it ain’t funny and scratch where it don’t itch. Or just shut up and dribble.

Continue to chase the Ghost, LeBron,…high marks inspire high attainment, and no one has ever surpassed you. Just know that the ultimate measure of your greatness is that you will not be measured merely against the Ghost of past but all ghosts to come.

You know enough about life and history to know that mortality rules us all. You’re doing things at your age never seen before, yet your reign of terror over the Eastern Conference is beginning to wane. Seven straight finals across two time-zones…not sure if we’ll ever see that again. Three titles, including the greatest comeback upset in NBA history over a team that won 88 games including playoffs; the 2015-16 Warriors. Numbers already staggering and still accumulating at an enormous rate. He may be coming for you, Cap!

All must eventually come to an end. So as you face closing kick decisions and post basketball new life possibilities, keep doing you, increasing your territory, staying tuned in with “the Big Man upstairs”, and striving above and beyond all your haters.

Thank you always for bringing mad love to the game.

Like your nemeses Kevin Durant, I hope you make the decision that’s best for you and your family; choices wise for the pursuance of your life agenda…one far larger than yourself.

You will always be a hero for using your platform to speak truth to power. Not many in your position are willing to stand up for Huemanity. Fewer still are willing to lead (after all; Republicans buy shoes too…ok… I take it back…supposedly MJ never actually said that.)

Well, I know you are on top of a snowy mountain in the Himalayas in deep meditation, in a hyperbolic chamber, summoning the elemental powers from the universe to drop 45/16/12 in 42 minutes to give your disciples any chance to win, so I won’t take any more of your time.

Peace and Blessings,
A Father