Momma’s Redemption Song

Greg Powell reprises one of his most cherished encouragements

Son, raise up your head
Child raise up our head
Though this old world
Full of killing and dread
Remember child what Jesus said
Don’t gain the world and lose your soul
Pray and press so hope takes hold
Son raise up Your head
Son don’t let nothing turn you around
Child don’t let nobody turn you around
Though wicked conspire to beat you down
Don’t fall prey to that old hell hound
Remember child what the good Lord say
New creation coming/ a brand new day
Don’t let nothing turn you around
Son don’t stop fighting ‘til you get free
Don’t stop running until you get free
You gonna make it through stormy sea
All you need is faith of a seed
Remember child what momma say
Cease your grieving/ keep on believing
Don’t stop fighting ‘til you get free

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