Proclamation Emancipation

Proclamation Emancipation written by Poet-Author Greg Powell

Proclamation Emancipation

Jah people gold people bold rebels of gold soul
Freedom fighters, enterprisers, world civilizers,
Healers, burning spear welders, pyramid builders,
Love preachers, Spirit beseechers, world teachers,
Birthing high culture in systems of mystery,
Heartbeat of 10000 years history,
My people bold people gold rebels of old soul,
Arise I arrive bearing notions to make you whole,
Wreak chains free brains/ behinds will follow,
Heap of beats seep deep and fire flows,
annihilate from mind’s eye toxic lies
Devil opiates pushed to thrill and spirit kill
Us with chaos delusion and death:
I’m a rebel soul rebelling,
Simple truths I be telling,
In the wilderness wailing,
A cut throat demon slasher,
Razor intellect flasher,
The enemies worst disaster,
Snatch shackles from the slave,
Raise hope from the grave,
Future paths I pave,
Ride resistance wave,
Make depraved behave,
When the wicked rave,
I dismiss them to the cave.

I a Jah man, Blackheart from Black Planet,
Lyrics feather light hit hard as Black granite,
Truth juice to suit you sweet as pomegranate
Celestial tech in effect I wreck mics and vanish,
Blow up spots with lyric flow outlandish,
Filled with Blues vibes Black and mannish,
I fast like Ramadan, under salvation sun,
Got ghosts on run, from my cosmic drum,
Dropped on the one and I’m done.


BeBopping righteous grooves,
Can’t stop won’t stop refuse to lose,
Bearing vital potions, dipped in Nubian notions
Buck and boot dance motions, Great Spirit devotions,
Deep in constitution; I get Hueman evolution,
Global solution, Common Good revolution.

But the lost believe Jah Love is wack,
Blind to Hueman sight, depressed and soul cracked,
Jim Crow assault locks up the Black,
Drive by rage, our own we attack,
Bullets blazing suicidal impact,
Ancient High culture desecrated by thieves,
Elders teach/ folk fail to receive,
Things fall apart/ the Holy One grieves,
Spirit compels me to preach,
Fire lyrics to teach
Rebel speech to release
Chained souls, unleash
Queens and Kings to reach,
For Great Spirit receive
Divine power achieve
Higher heights and flights
Than we can even conceive
And now the revelation
Eat the fruit and believe.

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Revolution wisdom drips from the lips,
Missile lyrics slobber and the nation trips,
Mothership dips and the lost and found flips,
Rebel feet on pavement shaking up the Richter,
Hueman movement mashing up the vector,
Vision eyes open and I and I are victors,
I am possessed by Spirit of the free,
Baptizes me in a rejuvenating sea,
Jah Love unfurls sacred scroll to me,
Driving my grind up to destiny,
Feed into veins keys of life,
Truths that cut like double edged knife,
Raise the children/ love the wife,
Raise up rebels to survive the strife,
Punk smoke punks and don’t know they punk out,
Village being pillaged/ taking trunks of cash out,
Politics’ stench indicate there’s a skunk out
Foolish infantiles faking civilization,
Running the nation like big plantation,
And some Negros are cool with castration,
But no, not I, hell no, I won’t go,
Jah Hand lift us above the flow,
We come together/ commence to glow,
Old soul drum beats move us to grow up,
Devil’s pork of lies we proceed to throw up,
Commence the count, we primed to blow up,
Get right wild and wise
Strategize demise
Of parasitic flies
Who wickedly surmise
To exterminate Blacks
Just like Arawaks
I’m not down with that
I tighten up the slack/ cut lose the flack
Drink sun rays to bloom to blue-Black,
Mind grow mental mansions out of shacks,
Dance Holy Dance dash down devil attack,
Dig deep tap the sap of spirituality,
Discipline minds to master technology,
Pool soul power and prosper industry,
Quench flaming bullets with peace military,
Slap skins raise the pen in Jah creativity,
Heal scars, healthy people have unity,
Ain’t nation-time ‘til we cultivate community,
Read pray read raise Holy intellect,
Call on Jah to guide I and protect,
Lay low the ego, cut back vanity,
Futuristic vistas to transcend insanity,
Be divine builders, demand a new Huemanity,
I am the scribe, descended from Bassa tribe,
Savvy with the vibe, immune to the bride,
Called by God to bop this oration,
Fertile lyrics flowing to rhythm ejaculation,
Get up stand up burn down plantation,
We got the jazz to shift the situation
Freedom seed we need to ensue germination
The mother ship is landing at freedom station,
Get on board Huemans and ride the elevation
We write our own emancipation