Unchained Generation

Unchained Generation to New Faith Youth by Greg Powell

There is no condemnation. Only new creation
Celebration of the unchained generation
Word of God incantations
Freedom fighter protestations
Sword of truth to wicked administrations
Natural hair domes like flaming crowns
Mind power stomp the devil down
Pursue your purpose like the Caleb hound
You can be the greatest pound for pound
Jesus freed you so you freed indeed
To claim your harvest, sow your seed
Believe the creed/ God meets your needs
Heed the war tactics make the enemy bleed
Be the best me that me can be
Expand your vision from sea to sea
Be free to reach for destiny
You are God’s property
You are God’s prodigies
You are the epitome of the devil’s enemy
You are the remedy of a nation’s malady
So, don’t depress but press through stress
Through it all Jah Love does bless
You got will power to press through mess
The duress wicked processes you equipped to correct
You got the mission God will direct
Guard your heart inspect it protect it
Guard your life, build it erect it
Don’t trip to darkness when you feel rejected
Don’t spiral down the hole all dejected
The devil is a liar and the father of lies
Shine your light and devil schemes die
God on High is there when you cry
Jah Love the answer when your heart asks why
So, strap on the Word and be a devil terminator
Jesus the way maker for your path to be straighter
Business administrators/ movement orchestrators
Culture generators/ justice perpetrators
Peace motivators/ debt eliminators
Unchained Generation deflates the haters
Unchained Generation pushing through to greater
Vistas irresistible as climate change twisters
Get Good News shoes so soul don’t blister
Eyes on prize, shoot, don’t miss
No better high than achievement bliss
Devil punks out from your will to resist
Your mind insists, your labor persist
Demons desist when you raise the fist
Sabotage the wicked like guerrillas in the mist
Next level living is why we exist

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You’re global noble immune to the PoPo
You flow you glow you stone to the bone
Unchained brain light shines from your dome
Unchained generations gaining freedom zone
Free your minds your booties will go on
Consolidate your cash so you can sow on
Unchain your soul so you can flow on
Grab onto God so you can hold on
Head in sky science like the Dogon
Transcend tricknology of dragons
Mark of high calling push on
Put your legacy of Cush on
You got living water. Gush on
Don’t be crazy lazy. Get your Rush on
No weapon forged shall prosper
Gods good news is the Gospel
Get on the movement roster
Back enemy down and poster
Let Holy Spirit Holy Ghost you
So life don’t roast you
You got the boast to the most
You got skills to toast and roast
You got back up of heavenly host
Unchained generations from coast to coast
Don’t dampen the vibe
Fan the fires to drive
Inspire your desire to strive
Conspire together to thrive
Next level living is all the way live
Next level living is all the way live
Next level living is all the way live